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I started traveling solo in 2007.

In 2008, I went on a 40 day trip to South America and came back after almost 6 months!

In 2009, I launched my travel blog 'Exotic Gringo'.

Living as a solo, slow traveling digital nomad, i promote purposeful and sustainable travel through the blog.

Besides my blog, i also write for magazines and publications such as Lonely Planet Magazine India, NatGeo Traveller India, Mid-Day, Grazia, Femina etc.

Brands and tourism boards have hired me to promote destinations, including Germany Tourism, Jordan Tourism, Brand Colombia, Visit Canberra & Goa Tourism.



Since 2016, 11 parties have visited Jordan and 2 parties have visited Germany directly influenced by my work.

Since 2019, i've also started leading tour groups from India to South America.